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Little Duck So Soft 18 Pk toilet Roll

Little Duck So Soft 18 Pk toilet Roll

Product Code: CC1131

Little Duck So Soft' from Task is at the forefront of luxury toilet tissues

These 3 ply white toilet tissues are deco embossed and made from 100% pure pulp and are 15.5 GSM

Each sheet is 120mm, and each roll contains 166 sheets of luxury, soft paper

Little duck just loves softness, that's why we created our softest, gentlest toilet tisue yet

So Soft toilet tissue is soft and strong, perfect for you and your family


  • Paper: Pure pulp white toilet tissue
  • GSM: 15.5
  • Ply: 3 - ply
  • Sheet length: 120 mm
  • Roll length: 19.9m
£4.16 exc. VAT

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